Sabbath Bulletin

person with bible
"We have a risen, ascended Saviour. Through the uplifted gates He entered heaven as our representative, the representative of all His people. We have an Advocate with the Father, even Jesus Christ the righteous. Today He is pleading in our behalf. With His own blood He has redeemed us. He has given the assurance that as He was raised from the dead, even so shall all His followers be raised from their graves. And He will lift up His people to sit together with Him in heavenly places. He has promised that those who believe on Him shall be justified; and those whom He justifies, He will also glorify. He is our Head, our Hope, our Rejoicing. Have we not every reason to rejoice, and to sing praises to our Redeemer? { PUR July 17, 1902, par. 10 }

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Order of Service:
09:30    Junior/Earliteen Sabbath School:
09:30    Children's Sabbath School

The Church at Study
09:30    Sabbath School Alive - Calvin Greaves
  • Opening Hymn :
  • Welcome & Opening Prayer :
  • Bible Text :
  • Special Music :
  • Devotion : Calvin Greaves
Adult Sabbath School Lesson Review Begins
  1. In His Word: Pastor Edgar Nunes
  2. The “In His Word” small group will starting @ 9:45. For more information, contact Steve Knapp or Pastor.
  3. LightHouse Class (9:30): Mareli/Nenit
  4. Sanctuary Class (9:45): Clive Strachan
  5. Catalysts Young Adults Class (9:45):
10:45    Sabbath School ends

Divine Worship
Singspiraton : Carolyn and Verlinda, Ryan Gentle (Piano)

Welcome & Announcement : Elder Patrick Richardson
Call to Worship : Elder Patrick Richardson
Invocation : Pastor F. Edgar Nunes
Opening hymn : "O Worship the King" - 83

Tithes & Offerings : Ernie Markosky
Intercessory Prayer : Elder Steve Knapp
Special Song : Vanessa, Rica, & Luh
Scripture reading : 1 John 1: 8-10 & 2: 1-2 - Johanne Mathieu

Sharing from God’s Word - "Ask and We Shall Receive" - Pastor F. Edgar Nunes

Foot washing service & Children story : by Angela Lavallee (during footwashing)
"Song of separation" - congregation

Bread and Wine

Closing hymn "Rescue the Perishing " - 367
Benediction : Pastor F. Edgar Nunes


* Please send your prayer request for intercessory prayer to Patrick Richardson.

Sabbath ends today at: 4:26 p.m.
Sabbath begins next week at: 4:27 p.m.

Have a blessed Sabbath day.
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Head Elder:  Bill Edmunds
Treasurer:  David Tait
Co-Church Clerks:  Gaye Greaves & Jocelyn Browne