2020 Devotional Books

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2019 Devotional Books

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Sharing Book

2020 Sharing Books



Bestselling author George R. Knight explains the Bible’s major themes in a manner that is both clear and brief.  As such, it not only provides a concise introduction to the teachings of history’s most influential and best-selling book, but it is also an invitation to further study. After all, there is nothing more important than understanding God’s ultimate truth about the world and our lives.



Wherever you find yourself in your spiritual journey, whether you are a seeker, a churchgoer, or just testing the waters of belief in the God of the Bible, this book will inspire and challenge you to a life of faith and purpose.



Devotional Books for all ages


Junior Devotional 

SInside you’ll learn about things high and low, near and far, that will give you a handle on life. Each day of the week has a different flavor. For instance, Sunday is Gracelink day, relating to the Sabbath School lesson for that week. Monday is Let’s Go Retro, which features some of Guide’s greatest hits. On Sabbath you’ll learn more about the life of Jesus.$25.90



Primary Devotional 

Take a "nature hike" through the Bible and discover all the wild and wonderful things that God made for our happiness. Through the eyes of each inspired author you'll learn about nature's great God. And whenever you see a piece of nature in the real world, you'll remember the deeper meaning. $24.35



Preschool Devotional


These simple object lessons will arouse your child’s imagination with a wide variety of hands-on experiences. Most of them involving easy five-minute craft projects that engage all the senses, stimulating your child’s growing intellect. Some involve practical lessons, such as how to count or dial 911. Many focus on God’s creatures great and small. Your child will grow in wonder at all things wise and wonderful and in gratitude to the Lord who made them all. $24.35



2020 Devotional Books



Revisit the stories of Jesus in this life-changing daily devotional.  Appreciate His beautiful character.  Hear His profound truths in His simple messages.  See His tender, loving care for those around Him.  No element of His life is too small to provide insight.  These insights will revitalize your life!



 Evening Devotional


In these devotionals, a constant call to duty is combined with the assurance of pardon and the promise of joy.  You will experience the beauty of holiness, learn the secret of Christian victory, and savor the future destiny of the saints.  Best of all, each precious page contains practical suggestions to help you strive for a closer walk with God.



Women's Devotional


Do you crave frequent reminders that Someone treasures you above all else? Does your heart need to hear a love song? Then spend a few moments each day reading the stories in this devotional book. They not only highlight God’s multifaceted love but also bring the blessed assurance that His undying love is focused on you. 

Yes, you are loved!



Young Adult Devotional


The parables of Jesus highlight compassion in order to teach us how to reflect His compassion to others. These great truths are worthy of the vehicle of a story to make them memorable and transferable. Every great story has a context. By paying attention to the clues surrounding a story you will get greater insight into the ideas involved.



Teen Devotional



When Jesus tells us that we are to be witnesses for Him, it is more than a commandment; it is also a statement of fact. We can only share Jesus based on what we have seen and heard ourselves. We filter this amazing information through who we are. This devotional is a journey through the Gospels—and some chapters in the book of Acts—as seen through the eyes of the students and staff of Georgia-Cumberland Academy in Calhoun, Georgia. It will help you get to know Jesus more fully as you connect with Him through the reading of Scripture, prayer, and the testimonies of other Christians.



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